Product Updates - February 2023

Welcome to another edition of Loopin's monthly update where we cover product news and shine the spotlight on our community members. In the spotlight this month we have someone special who has part of the Loopin community from the earliest days. 🎉 But before we go on to that, we are having a tough time containing our excitement for the BIGGEST LOOPIN UPDATE EVER! 🔜 Reserve your spot on the waitlist.👇 🗓️ Product Updates This month we made some massive improvements for tasks. ## Product updates 1. Task Descriptions Tasks not come with descriptions so you can add the tiniest of details, i.e. context, for when you get to them. 2. Automate Task Follow-ups "Oh hey, is it done yet?!" likes to say NO ONE EVER. You can now automate follow-ups on tasks via Slack. Go to your Loopin App and go to Preferences from your Profile Picture. 3. Default Templates Loopin makes it easier than ever to structure your notes. Meetings now have a default template. You can also choose a different template or create your own by clicking Apply Template at the bottom of a meeting note.