Product Updates - Oct 2022

Hope you are doing well! 😃 Super excited to announce that we were featured in [Techcrunch]( and [Forbes]( - and I want to thank you for being an important part of Loopin. 🎉 As we come out of BETA, we have added some new features, by popular demand, that will help you navigate your day effectively! **Quick Meeting Templates** Whenever you are creating a new note, just hit 'Apply Template' and choose from a list of 4 quick templates. Over the next few weeks, we will releasing a lot more templates and the ability to create and save custom templates. **[Tasks](** Use the new task section to manage your backlog and plan your upcoming week. If you won't put it on the calendar, It just doesn't get done! **[The mighty Slack app](** Create tasks from slack conversations. Send automated meeting updates to slack channels. End your day with a daily recap! + never miss a meeting with smart meeting notifications (rich with previous meeting context). **[Zoom App](** I know you have waited for long but it's here! Just download the Zoom app and access Loopin from within Zoom. Take notes, manage meeting discussions, decisions and tasks. ![4.png](BASE/products/601595850/changelog/14230/inline-6013b4c0945da8f60fc3f3228390e832.jpg) Learn more about Loopin through these [feature shorts]( or schedule a [quick demo](