Product Updates - May 2022

Thank you for the fantastic response on the chrome extension. You said, and we listened - in the last month, we have squashed several bugs, made performance improvements, and added new features. Make sure to update or download the latest version of Loopin With Chrome. Now, on to the updates. I am super excited to announce three new features. 1. Notifications Loopin gives you a 10 min heads up followed by another notification 1 min before the meeting to join. Unable to join the meeting on time? We have introduced a ‘Running late’ feature to inform all participants with the click of a button. ![1.png](BASE/products/601595850/changelog/14229/inline-ecce17ab1f9b655f3bac296a9d80ed03.jpg) 2. Meeting Memories Loopin is the perfect inbox for your meeting notes. It auto-organizes your meeting notes and resurfaces them in recurring and similar meetings in the future. Jog your memory and walk into a meeting with full context from previous discussions. For easy access, you can now start taking notes from within your google meet - by clicking the Loopin icon on the bottom right, while in a meeting. ![2.gif](BASE/products/601595850/changelog/14229/inline-8f12ac670ff41154b18812dcbea36337.gif) 3. To-dos Well, this was the most requested feature. What happens to to-dos you create in meetings? It’s now available on the chrome extension in the To-dos tab. Plus, add your to-dos from anywhere on your browser. That’s one To-do we checked off our list! ![3.png](BASE/products/601595850/changelog/14229/inline-5bc58fabb8b55e3b2a99285d69065ccb.jpg) I can’t wait for you to try out these new features. I am sure you will love it. As always, feel free to reply with any feedback.!